Iraq´s Creative Agency



ANIMANIA is a full-service advertising agency providing solutions to public and private sector clients. The heart of our work is our creative capabilities. The company founder and creative director is recognized in Iraq and abroad as a talented artist whose innovative ideas have impact. His reputation has attracted similarly talented professionals to join him, resulting in perhaps Iraq’s leading creative team being available to ANIMANIA’s demanding clients.

The company is based in Erbil with a partner office and recording and editing facility in Suleymaniyah, and representation in Baghdad, Dubai, and Washington, DC. We possess the necessary demonstrated cultural, technical and administrative capacity to rapidly respond to clients’ requests to implement communications initiatives, and have Iraq-wide capabilities and full competencies in Arabic, English, Kurdish, and Spanish.


Beyond creative, the firm offers production capabilities in TV, radio, print, and social media. It has unequalled talent in animation and graphics. Its well-established relations with Iraq’s leading radio and TV channels, printers, outdoors companies, and other vendors and suppliers allow it to negotiate competitive rates for clients and give ANIMANIA privileged abilities to book prime airtime, print and billboard space. In addition to its capacity to implement multi-platform based campaigns, ANIMANIA can, through partners, analyze impact and results by conducting surveys, focus groups, and other tools. Our core offerings to clients include:

  • Creative
  • Strategy
  • Production
  • Animation & Graphics
  • Billboards
  • Media Buying & Placement
  • Media Monitoring
  • PR


ANIMANIA’s core team offers a wide array of skills, capabilities and backgrounds. Management has wide experience with multinational clients and UN and USAID-funded projects; creative and production deliver international-class products for clients, often under very, very tight deadlines. The team is truly representative of the best that Iraq’s rich mosaic of cultures has to offer and brings diverse expertise and experience, including:

  • Creating a TV mini-series for a mass-media health advocacy campaign.
  • Developing station identification graphics for leading Iraqi TV channels.
  • Generating news coverage of client activities in Baghdad, Mosul, Kirkuk, Suleymaniah and other cities.
  • Producing a video critical of current events in Iraq with almost five million organic YouTube views.
  • Placing billboards in prime sites throughout Baghdad for a multinational client.
  • Managing a mass-media campaign for an international client and multi-million programs for USAID.


Firas Kadhim
Founder and Creative Director

Graduated from the College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University. Significant experience in planning, directing, and executing client campaigns. Has directed movies and TV spots as producer and artistic director for a number of television programs and independently. He is recognized by his peers as perhaps Iraq’s leading 3D and graphics animator.

Jassim Jassim
Chief Director

Graduated from the College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University, and a member of the Association of Iraqi Artists since 1997. Produced and directed several documentaries and short films, winning Best Film at the 2011 Inaugural TROPFEST Arabia Short Film Festival in Abu Dhabi for Flock of Stars and Third Prize for Short Films at the 2010 Official Gulf Competition in Dubai for Thumma Matha?

Wa’ad Fawzi
Head Copywriter

An alumni of the College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University. He is a gifted writer, and has led various key projects for ANIMANIA, including, most recently, as chief scriptwriter for an informational series produced for Iraq’s Ministry of Health and funded by USAID. He is also an independent artist of exceptional skill in paper collage and other mediums, and offers inspiration and guidance to our graphic design team.

Effel Boya
Project Manager

Graduated from the University of Salahaddin as a mechanical engineer, with post-graduate training in Korea and Japan. Worked with the UN and USAID implementers for over a decade and is well-versed in USAID requirements and also has wide experience in information management, data visualization, analysis and reporting, mapping and GIS. His private sector experience includes work for Coca-Cola.

Ghaith Al Bayati
Lead Character Animator and 3D Modeler

Graduated in cinema studies from the College of Fine Arts, Baghdad University. Works as 3D Supervisor and VFX on 3D spots and short films, and also leads the ANIMANIA graphic design team. He is a highly-regarded animator with several prize-winning shorts to his credit.

Zaid Kamoona
Baghdad Manager

Fine arts graduate from Baghdad University. Has extensive experience in the logistical aspects of media campaigns, having delivered prime billboard placements in Baghdad and throughout Iraq for local and international companies. He also advises clients on vendor negotiations, and his well-established relations translate into competitive radio, TV and outdoors bookings for clients.




ANIMANIA is always looking for new talent! We are creatives and innovators, from Iraq and abroad, who enjoy working as a team and helping our clients grow.

If you want to challenge yourself and are looking for a great opportunity, please send us your resumé. In your cover letter, tell us what makes you exceptionally qualified to join ANIMANIA and how you think you can contribute to our work. We’ll read your cover letter first, and then consider your resumé. If there is a potential fit, we’ll initiate a conversation. Please also look at any open positions and, if not a match with your skills and experience, please do share with friends and colleagues.

Thank you for your interest in ANIMANIA. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Copy Writer
  • Project Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Social Media Specialist
  • 3D Animator
  • Account Manager